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Discover Florida’s Springs

Rising up from deep within the aquifer, cool clear water flows from hundreds of springs that dot the Florida landscape. Florida springs are natural wonders to treasure. Experience the magic of Florida springs and learn about threats to their future and how to protect nature's gems.

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Cave diver exploring Wakulla Spring

Experience Nature's Gems

Relive a springs web expedition or explore Wakulla Spring, one of the largest freshwater springs in the world and a crown jewel in the Florida spring system.


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Manatee and calf swimming

Life of a Spring

Meet the animals that depend on clean healthy spring ecosystems. Explore an interactive springshed to learn how springs are created.

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Men surveying the springs

Threats and Solutions

Learn about the threats to the quality and quantity of water in the aquifer and Florida springs. Discover ways to minimize your impact on springs.


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Girl swimming underwater

Dive In!

Learn about all the things you can do when visiting or exploring a spring.


Join a team of

online explorers

following the

journey of water

from sky to ground, through

the aquifer and up from

the springs. Learn what

researchers are

discovering about

Florida’s springs

and the health of our aquifer.

Diver in cave with underwater dye

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A team of journalists, filmmakers and researchers document how water travels through the aquifer, springs and downriver to the Gulf of Mexico. While exploring the springs in Florida they also identify sources of pollution and reasons for concern. Experience this fascinating online expedition and learn about Florida's incredible springs.

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